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Prague Public Transport Tickets

There are two types of single-trip tickets: 30-minute (CZK 24) or 90-minute (CZK 32) tickets. Both can be used on any type of public transportation and allow transfers between lines (subway to subway, tram to tram, etc.) and transfers between different types of transport (subway to tram, tram to bus, etc.). In the case of frequent rides, money can be saved by buying tickets valid 24 or 72 hours (CZK 110 or 310, respectively).

It is recommended to buy a proper ticket before the ride. Tickets can be bought (1) from yellow vending machines accepting coins only; (2) at Information Centers (located at the airport and Holešovice Railway Station, for instance); (3) at selected newsstands; (4) from selected tobacconists. In buses, tickets can be bought (with a surcharge) from the driver.

Vending machine for tickets Information and ticket booth at the airport

The passenger must validate his or her ticket when entering the metro (subway/underground is called “metro” in Prague) area or immediately after boarding a bus or tram. The pictures below show the validation machines at the entrance to the metro area and in a bus, respectively. The validation machines print the time that marks the beginning of the validity period of the ticket.

Validation machine at a subway station Validation machine in a bus

Detailed information about public transport in Prague is available at http://www.dpp.cz/en/

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