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Preconditioning of Iterative Methods, Theory and Applications (PIM 2013)


A book of abstracts was provided to all conference participants.

The conference provides publishing opportunities in two journals. The participants can submit an original research paper based on their PIM 2013 presentation either to the special issue of 'Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications' (NLAA) or to the special PIM 2013 section of 'Applications of Mathematics' (AM). Only submissions that will successfully pass the peer-review process will be published. In both journals, the deadline for submission is November 1, 2013. Please take into consideration that the NLAA special issue will comprise manuscripts on topics related to numerical linear algebra with emphasis on preconditioning. Other manuscripts should be submitted to AM (provided they comply with the scope of the journal) and should not exceed 12 pages (A4 or letter format, 12 pt font). To become better acquainted with the scope of the journals, potential authors are encouraged to visit the following websites:

Further information how to submit a paper

The name of the special issue of NLAA is PIM and should appear in the list of special issues during the submission procedure. The submission procedure is as for any other paper sent to NLAA.

To submit a manuscript to Applications of Mathematics, please visit http://am.math.cas.cz/, click on "Journal System" and follow the instructions there.
In the message for the Editor, please indicate that the submitted manuscript belongs to the PIM-related manuscripts.

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